scary is the Kingwood Asylum?


How scary is the Kingwood Asylum?

Very! It is designed to pinpoint some of your biggest fears!

How do I purchase tickets?

Tickets can only be purchased at our ticket booth. CASH ONLY! (ATM available on site)

What are the rules I must follow?

Our main 4 rules are:

1)Do not touch any actors or staff at any time!

2)No weapons, alcoholic beverages, or pets should be at KA!

3)No smoking inside or within 15 feet of the Asylum!

4)No flashlights, cellphones, lighters, or flash photography inside the attractions!

Is the Kingwood Asylum wheelchair accessible?


Can I wear costumes or masks to Kingwood Asylum?

Costumes are okay, but please refrain from wearing masks for the safety of our employees, you, and other guests.

How much is admission?

We have multiple attractions set up at the Kingwood Asylum. The price for admission is $30+TAX for standard and $50+TAX for VIP. Both go through all the haunted attractions however the VIP includes a fast pass and a free ticket to The Last Ride. Coupons are available at various local retailers and can be acquired from some of our escaped patients.

Is there a different admission price for children?


How old do you have to be to get into the Kingwood Asylum?

We do not recommend the Kingwood Asylum for children under 12. However, it is up to the parents. Please note that there are NO REFUNDS if anyone is “too scared” to make it through.

Do you offer group discounts?

Yes, a group discount is available for groups of 15 or more email thekingwoodasylum@gmail.com for group rates. Special events are not eligible for the group discount.

How old do I have to be to work for the Kingwood Asylum?

You must be 16 or over. If you are under 18 you will need to have your parent’s permission.

Will The Kingwood Asylum close if it rains?

The Asylum will open rain or shine. We have covered waiting lines. In the event that the weather is deemed unfit to open, or remain open, we will post on all  of our social media pages.

Are there live rats (snakes, cockroaches, clowns, chainsaws, etc.)?

There is always a chance! After all we do have an attraction in the woods. NEVER assume anything is fake!

Will I be asked to sign a waiver?

No. A disclaimer is at the box office window and on our website. You are assuming all risks associated with visiting the Kingwood Asylum. We do our best to provide a safe environment and have HPD as well as a medic on stand by.

If they scare me, can I punch them?

If you assault ANY of our staff, the Houston Police officers will take you directly to jail. For the safety of our guests and staff, we use security cameras throughout the event.

Will I be injured, dismembered, or killed at your event?

We go to great lengths to provide a safe experience for our guests. If you follow our rules there will be no problems!

Can I take pictures or video?

No. We want every customer to get a genuine experience instead of seeing a video or photo that gives away parts of the attraction. We have professional photographers and videographers on site to deliver photos that you can share with your friends!

Will they touch me?

If you do not touch them, they will not touch you! However there may be instances that you will rub shoulders with a few patients that are just dying for you to take your medicine!

Are there restrictions for people who are pregnant or have health problems?

Please consult your Doctor to find out if an intense experience including loud noises, fog machines, and strobe lights is appropriate for your condition.

How long is the wait in line?

Wait times will vary depending on the day of your visit. The weekend prior to Halloween and Halloween night will have the longest wait times.

Can tickets be resold? Can I use a ticket that I purchased elsewhere?

Tickets are void if resold. Tickets purchased anywhere other than the ticket booth will not be honored. We will aggressively prosecute any individual selling counterfeit tickets.

I lost my cellphone/jewelry/shoes in your attraction. Can you help me find it?

Please make sure any items you bring are securely in your pockets at all times… or better yet, leave them in the car. We are often asked to find lost items. We may or may not be able to check for lost items right away, and because of the size and complexity of the attractions, items might not be found until the lights are turned back on at the end of the night. If you might have dropped an item inside one of our attractions, please email us with the details and we will let you know if the item has been found. More often than not, dropped cell phones and other items are trampled in the dark environment by other customers.

We are not responsible for any personal items brought inside our attractions.

What happens if I break the rules?

All rules are strictly enforced for the safety of our guests. Failure to follow the rules will result in you being asked to leave the property with or without warning, and without refund, and by police if necessary.

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