Haunted Attraction




The Kingwood Asylum starts selling tickets at 7:30 pm. The doors open and our new patients are admitted at 8pm. The box office will stop selling tickets at 11pm. You are encouraged to show up and purchase your tickets before 11pm. 

Friday: 8 -11:30 pm

Saturday: 8 -11:30 pm

Sunday: 8 -10 pm


The Kingwood Asylum fills to capacity every October. For the next eleven months, the doctors and staff of the Kingwood Asylum work day and night to cure or responsibly medicate our patients.

New Patient Admittance Dates:

October- 6,  7, 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, 29, 31

November – 3, 4


Tucked away in the liveable forest, the Kingwood Asylum, is located in Kingwood, TX. Some say the walls of the Asylum have stories that would make you question the limits of humanity. The woods, and the earth itself is tainted, ruined, and diseased.

1965 Northpark Drive
Kingwood, TX 77339


How much are tickets?

Standard –  $30.00

V.I.P. –  $50.00

The Last Ride – $5.00

All sales are FINAL.

No Refunds!

What should I wear?

Clothing –  Please wear something sensible  that does not  dangle or drag the ground. while pants are recommended, shorts are a good alternative however  you will be walking through an outdoor wooded area.

Shoes – Closed toed shoes are recommended! Please NO HEELS! You will be walking through a natural path that may have roots and holes

Where do I Park?

Just pull right up and a parking attendant will guide you to your FREE parking on our open field parking .

*Disclaimer! The Kingwood Asylum is not responsible for any damage to vehicles, clothing, or personal injuries that may occur!*


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